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 New and unique music style inspired by classical music, traditional celtic and nordic.

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The music artist; Charlotte writes songs in her own unique style inspired by classical music, opera and traditional celtic style. Charlotte was trained originally from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen in 1996 as a classical soloist singer and also as a pipe-organ player and choir-conductor from a Church music school on Sealand, DK for 2 years after her 6 years at the academy. She has taken various master-classes abroad in Austria and England as a classicalsinger plus has performed as a soloist singer world-wide.

For sheet-music : Handwritten scores in pdf can be ordered by e-mail and will be sent by e-mail. Price euro 2,- per song. Please write us via the form on site!

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Lyrics by Charlotte Mahler. " Angel Tidings".
© copyright Charlotte Mahler.
My Memory.
When all my memories are gone,
like waves in the sand have faded,
Yet I will find you.
When all the colours of the world have faded away forever,
Yet I will see you,
and all the stars forever.
How I loved you so true.
Oh, memory, stay with me always.
Stay with me!

From the album; Angel Tidings by singer, composer and lyricist, Charlotte Mahler. Pianist, Anthony Byrne.
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© copyright 2015 Charlotte Mahler.